Who We Are

We are concerned parents who have been frustrated by the lack of resource material for content-based information regarding books accessible to children and young adults.

We make no money and seek no recognition in our efforts. We believe sunlight is the best disinfectant and parents should have the information at their disposal to make informed decisions about the content their children consume.

We are not affiliated with any other groups, but we do support several groups by letting them use our materials and by taking suggestions for what we should review. If you would like to use or distribute our materials, or have books you'd like for us to take a look at, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Our Mission

Write and collect detailed and easy to understand book content reviews centered around objectionable content, including profanity, nudity, and sexual content. Our goal is to make these reviews available to all parents so they can make informed decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with Moms for Liberty or any other groups?

No. We are not affiliated with any other groups. We do not take direction from any other groups. We do not answer to any other groups. However, we do communicate with other individuals and groups with whom there is an intersection of mission and values. We are focused on gathering and making information available to anyone who can make use of it, including individual parents or the groups representing their interests. We commonly allow these entities to use our work and accept suggestions for books to look at.

Why do your reviews not include detailed story summaries?

Our reviews may directly cite a large volume of offending content, depending on the work. To support the classification of our work as "fair use" we only include the minimum necessary from the original copyrighted work to show justification for our rating. This includes all the pertinent citations, a brief description of the story and the offending content, and any mitigating factors that would lead to a lower rating. If parents or groups want a detailed preview, description, or synopsis of the story, they can readily find that from other sources on the internet.

TLDR: Lawyers are expensive. Rest assured, we do read the books we review in their entirety and factor the work as a whole into our rating.

Do you perform the full "Miller Test" for obscentiy for each work?

We are not determining if a work, as a whole, is obscene, per the legal definition. Our rating system gives a recommendation for the level of parental guidance or action based on the work as a whole. Suffice it to say, most works we rate as "No Minors" (4) or "Aberrant Content" (5) would likely be considered obscene by most standards, but that is not what we are determining. 

Some astute critics have opined on the fact our definition for "obscene" mirrors the definition from the Miller test but leaves out the wording "taken as a whole." This is because we are only applying the word "obscene" to instances contained within the work (evaluated in context), not the work as a whole. Again, our rating system is not evaluating obscenity (in the legal sense) for the overall work. This should not be misunderstood to construe that we do not evaluate the work as a whole when we assign a rating- we most assuredly do.

TLDR: We do everything one would do to perform a Miller test, evaluating all "obscene" instances in context and taking the work as a whole. We don't make a determination of the legal "obscenity" status of the work as a whole because lawyers are expensive. We do make a determination of where the work as a whole (with everything evaluated in context) lands in our rating scale. We also offer our opinion that anything with a 4 or 5 on our scale would likely be determined to be "obscene" in the eyes of the law.

How do you determine what books to review? It seems unlikely that some of these books would show up in school libraries.

Every book currently reviewed has been located in a school library. Many have been located in our local Brevard County, FL schools, but others have been located across the country by other concerned parents and groups. For many books on our list, that should raise some serious questions. This has been a motivating factor in why we do what we do. Parents need to know what's in the content their children consume and hold schools accountable when they make inappropriate content available to their children.

Are you trying to get these books banned?

We do not support "banning" books. First and foremost, our mission is to inform parents on what is in these books being made available to children in schools. Parents can use this information to provide the proper guidance to children reading any of these books. Parents can also use this information to individually, or through groups representing their interests, engage with school boards to determine what works should be made available to their children while under the custodial care of their schools. We fully support both of these use cases, though we are not directly engaged in the latter. Any books that may be excluded from school libraries would still be available in public libraries or in stores for interested students to procure with parental consent.

Why don't the page numbers cited on your book reports match the copy of the book I have?

A work can have several ISBNs depending on the binding of the book or edits made to the work. The ISBN for the version we read is recorded under the author's name on our book reports.

I love your site- I just wish there was a search function!

We're working on it, we promise!